Mr. Offley has been a career military journalist for four decades, He is the author of two books about the Battle of the Atlantic: Turning the Tide: How a Small Band of Allied Sailors Defeated the U-boats and Won the Battle of the Atlantic (Basic Books, 2011), and The Burning Shore: How Hitler’s U-boats Brought World War II to America (Basic Books, 2014).

Articles by Ed Offley

USS Nevada

Reflections of a Battleship Sailor

By Dick Ramsey with Ed Offley
June 2023
From the Battle of the Atlantic to the Normandy Invasion to the Battle of Okinawa, the USS Nevada experienced in full the “two-ocean war.”

My Lifelong Carrier Deployment

By Ed Offley
October 2022
In honor of the centennial year of U.S. carrier aviation, a renowned historian, journalist, and U.S. Navy veteran looks back on his career.
Type IXB U-boat U-123

The Drumbeat Mystery

By Ed Offley
February 2022
When the German U-boat offensive hit the U.S. East Coast in early 1942, the U.S. Navy had assets and intel—but was confoundingly unresponsive. Why?